This Week at Zion UCC
This Week at Zion UCC
Rev. Beth Gedert's weekly sermons from Zion United Church of Christ in Delaware, Ohio.
The Lord’s Prayer / Matthew 6:7-15

August 4, 2019 / Sermon on the Mount

The Lord’s Prayer / Matthew 6:7-15
Adultery, Divorce and Promises / Matthew 5:27-37
Revolutionary Beatitudes / Matthew 5:1-12
Who is the City on a Hill? / Matthew 5:13-16
God is for us. Who can be against us? / Romans 8:18-39
No self-loathing. No condemnation. / Romans 7:14-8:2,11
Guest preacher Rev. Dave Long-Higgins / Romans 6:1-14
Saved by grace: now what? / Acts 2 & Romans 5
How does Jesus save us? / Romans 5:1-11, 18-19
Sin is the injury; grace is the cure / Romans 3:21-30

The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:7-15 A few weeks ago Rev. Marshall Cook unpacked the verses from the Sermon on the Mount that deal with charity, prayer and fasting. And in that section are…

Adultery, Divorce, and Promises

Matthew 5:27-37 This morning as we continue through our discussion of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we are going to hear to some verses that may get some us in…