Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity builds communities one house at a time. Habitat organizes a community of volunteers to help build houses that are affordable for hardworking families that cannot afford the prices and mortgage costs on the open market. Habitat Builds help to renew communities where housing prices are depressed. New Habitat houses help to raise the value of all properties in the area. Habitat homes are modest but of good quality. Thus, neighborhood communities are preserved and protected from the effects of ‘gentrification,’ which has been known to displace families from homes where they have lived for many years.

We invite the community of caring individuals and families to join us in supporting this Habitat Apostles’ Build. On our giving page, please choose “Habitat for Humanity Apostles’ Build” on the drop-down menu. Thanks for joining your neighbors and friends to build and strengthen our community. You’ll find the Giving Link on the bottom of this page (if viewing on a handheld device).

Volunteers from the Zion United Church of Christ faith community are installing the subfloor for the Apostles’ Build home on East Winter Street.