Confirmation Sunday Order of Worship - May 22, 2022

Gathering Music/Prelude
“Season of Song” Presbyterian Pickers
Joyful music leads us into God’s presence and prepares our hearts and minds for worship.

Lighting of the Candles
Nikki D’Arcangelo

Congregational Singing: “Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia! Praise Ye the Lord!”

Greeting/Affirmation of Mission
Rev. Beth Gedert

Lighting of Christ Candle
Emily Walter

*Call to Worship / Centering
Rev. Kara Jones
A formal and mutual invitation to move into the worship experience.
Leader: We come to hear the story of God’s faithfulness to past generations.
People: But we also look to the future as well as the past.
Leader: The God who was with our ancestors is with us as well.
People: Then we can go forward in hope. Whatever else fails, God remains faithful.
ALL: Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Praise be to God!
Ruth C. Duck, Flames of the Spirit (New York: The Pilgrim Press, 1985)

*Hymn 749 “We Are Called” Brian White
Singing connects us to one another as we breathe together, and connects us emotionally to God.

*Corporate Prayer
Nikki Hogarth
We express our devotion and desires to God.
God of our salvation, you are the source of wisdom and joy. Your love and mercies are not limited to one time or to one people. You continue to heal and to save, transcending the artificial boundaries and barriers we set. For such expansive love, it is our right, duty, and joy to offer you all our thanks and praise, now and forever. Amen.

*The Lord’s Prayer

*Hymn 482 “Baptized in Water” Brian White

Baptism of Delaney Nelson

Anthem “Agape” Presbyterian Pickers

Confirmands Present Statements of Faith
- Jason White (Zion UCC), Carson Stroupe, Delaney Nelson, Emily Walter, Jacob Hunter, Nikki D’Arcangelo (FPC)

*Affirmation of Faith
Rev. Beth Gedert
We unite with the Church in all times and places as we voice our commonly held beliefs.

We believe that God is present in the darkness before dawn;
in the waiting and uncertainty where fear and courage join hands,
conflict and caring link arms, and the sun rises over barbed wire.
We believe in a With-Us God who sits down in our midst
to share our humanity.

We affirm a faith that takes us beyond the safe place:
into action, into vulnerability, and into the streets.
We commit ourselves to work for change and put ourselves on the line;
to bear responsibility, take risks,
live powerfully and face humiliation;
to stand with those on the edge;
to choose life and be used by the Spirit for God's new community of hope.
The Iona Abbey Worship Book © 2001, Wild Goose Publications

Confirmation Liturgy
Confirmands publicly affirm their baptismal promises and congregations express continuing support for their Christian pilgrimage.

Presentation of Gifts

Special Music
“Amazing Grace”
Brian White

Closing Words
Rev. Deb Patterson

Offering / Prayer of Thanksgiving
Rev. Beth Gedert
Our life in community is sustained by generosity of relationships, abilities, and finances.

*Hymn 69 “Here I Am, Lord”
Brian White

A sending forth of the people to serve the Lord.


“Miss Thornton”
Presbyterian Pickers

- Please join us for a potluck lunch following worship.

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